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    Selecting the 15 sexiest female video game characters of all time will be hard. Do you remember Ms. Pacman? Or the first Zelda? Times have changed since the 80's arcade days but one thing stays clear -  female characters have played a major role in games. This post is for them. Also, do you have an awesome gamer girlfriend? Or are you a girl that likes get some frags on BF? There will be something for you in this post.

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    Samantha “Sam” Byrne – Gears of War

    I'm a bit afraid of her, but her cocky demeanor and rough attitude certainly contribute to her sex appeal. She’s one of the few female Gears, which is fine - she gives us something nice to look at in the game!

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    Juliet Starling – Lollipop Chainsaw

    The idea of the game was ridiculous but somehow they handled it. The key to success? Zombies, chainsaws and a cheerleader with 19 unlockable outfits.

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    Princess Zelda – Legend of Zelda

    Fine, so maybe Zelda wasn’t at her hottest in her earliest incarnations, but that never seemed to slow down Link. And she kicks some serious booty in Super Smash Bros!

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    Faith Connors – Mirror’s Edge

    She’s athletic, smart, and no matter how hardcore she parkours, her hair always looks fantastic.

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    Farah – Prince of Persia

    Well, there was a lot of princesses in  Prince of Persia series but this one is defenitely my favourite.

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    Harley Quinn – Batman

    Girls have to be a little crazy. Maybe not that much as Harley - that's why she is 10th, not 1st. But she is smart (she is a M.D.), likes tight clothes and she is a gymnast. Who could be better?

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    Chun Li – Street Fighter

    The next video game dream girl isn’t afraid to be a pioneer. Chun Li was the first female character to appear in the Street Fighter series. She was also the first playable character ever to appear in a head-to-head fighting video game. And what she lacked in size against her male counterparts, she more than made up for in speed… epecially when it came to show off her long, powerful legs.

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    Kasumi – Dead or Alive

    As the official face of the Dead or Alive franchise (and winner of the first DOA Tournament), Kasumi is instantly recognizable. She’s deadly (trained in Mugen Tenshin ninjutsu), kind-hearted, sincere, and with measurements of 35-21-33, to say she’s “well put together” would be an understatement.

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    Rayne – BloodRayne

    Yes. I know you’ve been waiting for Rayne to appear on our list, and here she is. This is the one video game vixen whose bite is undoubtedly worse than her bark, but we don’t seem to mind.

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    Commander “Jane” Shepard – Mass Effect

    Commander Shepard (whose default name is Jane… but you can change it) is…complicated. She would not be included on the list according to the ME 1 and 2. You could make her hot, but it took some work. However, Jane Shepard is yet another female game character to whom the years have been kind, and her default character in Mass Effect 3 (at least to us), is perfect.

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    Joanna Dark – Perfect Dark

    The play on words in the Perfect Dark series is not lost on us. The female protagonist’s last name is “Dark,” and she is… perfect. Joanna Dark is the perfect secret agent. She specializes in espionage, weapons, combat, and covert ops. Her nickname came by virtue of her error-free performance during her training. But would she also be the perfect girlfriend?

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    Cortana – Halo

    It takes a special kind of woman to boss around a Spartan II, and there’s no denying that Cortana is something extremely special. Smart and confident, yet still feminine and vulnerable, she’s Master Chief’s loyal companion throughout the entire Halo series (except for, well... you know).

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    Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

    Obviously, it’s not a question as to whether or not Lara Croft would appear on this list, but only where on the list she’d appear. Since 1996, Lara has been making gamers' hearts flutter, while she travels the world in search of adventure. She looks great in her signature crop-top tank and shorts, she looks great in her SCUBA gear, she looks great in evening wear, she looks great in sunglasses, she looks great in black and grey camo. Basically, she looks great.

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    Tifa Lockhart - Final Fantasy VII

    That’s right. We’ve selected Tifa Lockhart (of Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts II) as the #2 hottest female video game girl of all time. You don’t agree? You must be blind. Not only is she a physically and emotionally strong, independent, bright, and always optimistic, but look at her. No, seriously. Look!

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