Tara Babcock and Kinguin Giveaway!

Here comes a really hot opportunity! Giveaway with Kinguin and Tara Babcock returns with Dragon Age: Inquisition and Far Cry 4!

This week you have a chance to grab some awesome items. Each of 4 winners will get one of the prizes, and there is a lot to fight for! We are giving away two of the best games of 2014 - Dragon Age: Inquisition, not only one of the best RPGs, but also Game Of The Year according to many media sites and Far Cry 4 - critically acclaimed shooter. But that’s not all. We also have two times $30 to spend on Kinguin for you!

Where can you get it? Well...

Tara Babcock and Kinguin Giveaway!

Tara Babcock is a hot League of Legend/ StarCraft player and a professional model. Howard from Big Bang Theory would surely say, that this young lady will turn your software into hardware. Those who don’t know her yet should absolutely check her Twitch channel. It’s Kinguin recommended!
Kinguin is a global marketplace for digital games where you really have a great offering! We are a solution for gamers from all around the world who want to find their beloved games at the best prices possible!

Stay tuned and... think pink!
Winners will be announced here on 26th of January!