Giveaway with Kinguin new partner Miss Rage!

Meet the new member of our crew and win Battlefield Hardline, Evolve or Dying Light!

But first things first:

We present Julia “Miss Rage” Kreuzer! This Austrian full time Twitch streamer and Youtuber is a Counter Strike:Global Offensive player who above all loves cats and good cuisine. She is a part of a CS:GO team called MASY (MakeASandwichYourself). Her current Twitch fanbase has approximately 219,787 followers and nearly 9.5 million views

It's worth to mention that team MASY (Angelka, Eden, Projectsolo, Jance and Miss Rage) also joined Kinguin family!

And thanks to her, you guys have a chance to win some amazing games!

Jump into some remarkable FPS games and admire its spectacular visuals! Become a monster and fight for your planet, or choose a side and feel the heat of the battle between cops and criminals. Last but not least, become a parkour champ while you kill all the zombies!

Giveaway with Kinguin new partner Miss Rage!

Congratulations to all lucky winners! Please contact us via Twitter to get your prize!