7 PC Games That Taught Us How To Compete And Lose Friends

Our passion for competitive gaming gives developers a huge range of possibilities.

Currently, we usually compete with each other via network, especially in shooters and strategies. In the past, before the Internet was popularized, gamers played together in front of one screen - so when all players were in the same room, the emotions were often much higher than on today online play. Today I've decided to recall some of this type games.

1. Dynablaster

For console players this game may be known as Bomberman. Simple rules and possibility to play even 5 persons at a time made this game one of my favourites. Especialy when you tried to play on one keyboard :)

Frendiship loss factor - ***

2. One Must Fall 2097

Of course I could say now about Street Fighter 2 or Mortal Kombat, but everyone know this games - there is no need to remind about them.
Instead, we decided to recall One Must Fall 2097, created by Epic MegaGames, fighting game with robots in the main roles.
Excluding incredible animations game included extensive system of development and upgrades that added almost RPG-like experience.

Frendiship loss factor - **

3. Serious Sam

Game from old beautiful days when coop campagin and even traditional deathmatch could be played on split screen. There was no realism or moral dilemmas - only player, his gun and a whole herd of monsters between him and the exit.

Frendiship loss factor - ***

4. Worms

Probably the most popular party game in history. What is even more interesting that it doesn't use any plastic instruments, you don't need it to sing, dance or answer questions as fast as possible. Worms owe their popularity above all humor. Game used older idea of ??a "game artillery", citing it as a competition of heavily armed worms. The absurdity of this assumption worked, and players with satisfaction devoted themselves to destroying each other and the land on which there was a struggle.

Frendiship loss factor - ****

5. The Settlers

One of the few strategies in which you can play split screen with two mice. Yes, the competition was not perhaps the most important part of Settlers - it was rather develop their own settlements and taking care of the welfare of its people - but when we finally met second player and started to take over his/her land we could see who of us is a better ruler(or at least who put a sufficiently strong military force)

Frendiship loss factor - *****

6. Heroes of Might and Magic II

Another strategy in this list, this time turn-based. As a result, there was no need to crowd in two or more persons at one screen, and you could easily perform your actions and pass the baton to the next player. Calm rhythm gameplay and colorful visuals in a fantasy game provided an unexpected popularity around the world. Many people who did not play on the computer never before and never after still remembers this game. However the biggest battle was not about mines and sawmills but which game was better - Heroes II or III.

Frendiship loss factor - ****

7. Return Fire

A true classic. Two players, two bases, two flag. Objective? Break into the fortress of the enemy and take out of it its flag. What can we use? Tanks, armored vehicles, helicopters and jeeps, in varying numbers.
It was not a strategy but arcade game, so you could only steer one vehicle at a time, using its unique features. Tank and armored vehicle were best or frontal attacks. Helicopter could quickly and effectively explore the area of the game. A jeep lent when the trophy had to be taken out of the battlefield. The game provided a unique emotion and I really wonder why noone attempted to release the refreshed version of it.

Frendiship loss factor - ***

So what games have you played before online multiplayer? Share with us in comments.