Fnatic HotS Gaming House

We are excited to announce a very special event for the Kinguin & Fnatic Heroes of the Storm team. In partnership with Fnatic, we have launched an all new gaming house for our Heroes of the Storm team which is located in Poznań, Poland.

Kinguin have provided this great opportunity in order for the team to spend time together and help them focus on their game so that they can work towards claiming the number one spot in the world. A gaming house can often decide the difference between a good team and a great team. Being able to sit together and work on communication, strategy and other elements of the game is something that every team would love to do.

With this chance, the Heroes of the Storm team hope to achieve just this - being able to closely work together with each other and improve their game.

Poland has always been a great place for Fnatic to visit, no matter the game division or competition. Most recently, this was proven by the incredible support we witnessed at IEM Katowice, where the crowd always is the loudest and most exciting.

We hope that we will be able to attend many more exciting events in Poland, and we thank the fans for their support throughout the years and for the years to come.

Already, Kinguin have turned out to be a great partner, providing help not only for our players, but also for our fans. This is another great step on our path to create new and successful eSports partnerships. We look forward to working with them at the new gaming house, but also in other endeavours in the future.

Patrik 'cArn' Sättermon - Chief Gaming Officer at Fnatic
"We are thrilled to announce that we in cooperation with our partner Kinguin have opened up our second gaming house. Earlier this month our HOTS team moved into our new facility in Poznan, Poland, and our ambition with this venture is to provide our players with the best conditions to stay on top of the game. We will also together with Kinguin utilize our house to run on-site and online events that we are looking to invite both the local and global HOTS community to participate in.

Finally, I would like to wish our HOTS team the best of luck in the upcoming Dreamhack event in Bucharest, and many many thanks to everyone at Kinguin who has helped realizing this project!"

Bartłomiej Skarbiński - Chief Marketing Officer at Kinguin
"We are proud to announce that together with the Fnatic Team we have opened a professional gaming house in Poznan, Poland. Set in one of the best quarters of the city, the villa has 6 bedrooms, a living-room, separate kitchen and 3 bathrooms which will suit every professional gamers needs."

Kinguin is a global marketplace for digital games with one main goal - allow gamers from all around the world to SAVE ON EVERY GAME! We are also huge fans of eSports and we are proud to support the best organizations - this is why we decided to organize a gaming house for the Fnatic HotS division. Stay tuned - awesome content is coming!