CS:GO Match Analyses by Kinguin

Hey all CS:GO Fans! To celebrate one of the biggest CS:GO events of the year - Dreamhack Masters Tournaments we have prepared special treatment for you! CS:GO match analysis provided by Amon Aglar!


Just before every match we will provide information about the teams, details about their current status and some hints and tips for your best experience!

Let's celebrate DREAMHACK MASTERS! 

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Na’Vi vs EnVyUs

Important information:



  • 16-11 win vs Godsent; very close 19-15 win vs CLG; 2-0 win vs Tyloo and 2-0 vs EnVyUs.

  • Finalists at MLG Columbus.

  • Top 2 or top 4 on most of the recent LAN tournaments.

  • Came out first in groups with a sub.

  • Their star player came back and performed amazingly, also his presence is good for the team’s morale.

  • They are favoured all over the internet.

  • They really look like they will finally win a LAN.

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  • 2-16 vs Dignitas; 16-8 vs CSGL; 2-1 vs Astralis; 2-0 vs Virtus.Pro and 2-1 vs Godsent.

  • After very disappointing day 1, they managed to come back in terms of scores but if you watched the matches closely - they are still playing shaky.

  • They are playing on a home turf and the crowd is giving them an amazing support.

  • They are currently dominating ESL with a 16:2 score there.

  • This is a very good time for them to shine and for pyth to prove he’s the right 5th member for the team.



I did say that NiP are the crowd’s favourites but Na’Vi are in the driving seat here. If we have to consider the recent months and the online performance of the teams - then NiP are favoured. If we have to consider the LAN tournaments of late - Na’Vi have the upper hand. But if we look solely at this tournament - this is Na’Vi’s match to lose. 2-1 for Guardian’s team.

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