AMD Unveils Their Hawaii GPU’s

In Hawaii AMD announced their R7 and R9 series of cards. In true AMD fashion the focus is blistering performance at a very acceptable price point.  

The R7 series is aimed at the lower and entry ends of the markets whilst the R9 takes on the mid to high end. Clearly AMD are powering on through every front possible in their constant battle against Nvidia.

Audio is something AMD seem to be focussing on in order to pip their green rivals with the inclusion of the Audio Engine-True Audio Technology on some of the cards. This helps things like positional audio be applied really well in games. Positional audio was a big thing a decade or so ago but due to one of the major companies pushing it dying, it fell by the wayside as the technology was bought and never really used.

What everyone wants to hear though is the flagship card and for AMD that is the R9 290X. We don’t have all the specs but what we do is that it will have 4GB GDDR5, with a memory bandwidth of over 300GB/s combine that with what we presume is a 512 bit memory bus we are looking at around a 4.7Ghz base clock. The pricing sadly has not been announced unlike the rest of cards so I think that means AMD have something spectacular waiting. We know it will be over $300 but by how much?

So a question for you guys, will you be buying one of the new GPU’s? They are certainly amazingly priced for what you get, I am currently running a 780 and I would be tempted if the drivers were on par with Nvidia’s.