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10 KRS Krowns Voucher

10 KRS Krowns Voucher
Earn up to $0.00 with Kinguin Mafia! Learn more!
Delivery time: 24-48h
KRS Krowns cannot be used to buy Bitcoin Voucher, Amazon Gift Cards and Thunderpick Gift Cards
This is a restricted product and it CANNOT be activated nor used in United States
Krowns have to be purchased in a separate order.
1KRS = 1.36 Euro
  • Description
  • Activation details

Krowns are exclusive utility tokens for accessing digital gaming experiences on the Kinguin platform and from our network of participating partner sites. Krowns is the future Kinguin cryptocurrency.  Krowns do not represent company shares or give rights to revenue sharing. Initially emitted during Pre-ICO, on March 15th, Krowns provide a fast and secure way for payments.

The transactions with Krowns are based on Blockchain and Smart Contracts technologies. Blockchain is the technology which is responsible for the safety, speed and transparency of the transaction. Smart contracts is a breakthrough in the field of transactions, as it assures that specific conditions were met, before the money was sent. It means that in case of any issues with your digital product, smart contracts will refund you based on the failure to meet the required condition. Such solution is a huge step forward in the digital products world through which Kinguin is taking the game to another level leaving the rest of the market behind.

Krowns are the future of the gaming industry! Regardless of the fact that Krowns originate from Kinguin, they work in decentralized, transparent system without any central issuer or processor. Krowns will be available also on the exchanges in the near future. If you want to know more and read about the entire project, go to and check the “WhitePaper” where the vision of the new platform is described in detail.

You can also contact us on our Telegram channel!










Key activation

To complete the transaction make sure to provide all information requested during order creation.

In order to receive Krowns you need a Crypto Wallet of the group ERC20. There is plenty of wallets in that group, some of the most popular are MEW, MetaMask.

In order to create MetaMask wallet you have to do just a couple of steps:
In this example we are going to use MetaMask Crypto Wallet

1. Add MetaMask Extension to your browser.
2. Click on Create and Create an account. Do not forget to write down the recovery words otherwise you will not be able to recover your account or move it to another device.
3. Click on the MetaMask icon in the right upper corner to enter your wallet.
4. Click on “Tokens” afterwhat “Add Token” and enter the following data:

  • Contract Address: 0xdfb410994b66778bd6cc2c82e8ffe4f7b2870006
  • Symbol: KRS
  • Decimals: 18

5. View your cart and fill your wallet number.

Creating a crypto wallet is more than easy, there is also plenty of videos on YouTube, which will help you to install other types of wallets, if you wish. Our LiveChat can also answer any additional questions you migth have.












If you have any problems regarding activation, please contact us:


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