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Kup Heroes of Steel: Tactics RPG Steam CD Key

Kup Heroes of Steel: Tactics RPG Steam CD Key

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Born in a medieval time of warring gods and dark powers, your heroes embark on a grim journey set in the immense post-apocalyptic world of Steel.
Heroes of Steel is a turn-based tactical combat RPG in which you choose and lead a group of four unique characters, each with their own talents, special powers, and abilities. As you traverse the sprawling world of Steel, your party will face myriad challenges, battles, extensive mazes and fearsome enemies of all varieties.
Difficulty is adjustable and an easy playthrough is available, but we made this game for the old-school RPG lovers who relish coming up with smart tactics and well-chosen ability combinations to take on challenges. You decide how to develop each character’s capabilities & combat strategy, building a powerful team capable of triumphing over impossible odds.
It is the dawn of the Seventy First Year after the world has fallen. Four of the Thirteen Gods rose up against their creator, the All-Father, and destroyed him in a cataclysmic event. In the following years of darkness and ruin, the kingdoms of man fell in war and flame.
In the final days before all was lost, under the guidance of an ancient order of druids, the survivors retreated to a massive underground labyrinth; the mysterious Underdeep. Now the last remnants of humanity are scratching out a living in the Underdeep, still trying to rebuild their society. But they’re discovering that evil has caught up to them beneath the surface.
Now, it’s up to you to unravel the mysteries of what’s happening and overcome the darkness.
Equip each of your characters with weapons, armor, mundane or magical accessories -- thousands of gear combinations. Decide how to increase everyone’s attributes & skills to create a party that suits your playstyle. Choose between hundreds of talent progressions, coming up with clever combinations & tactics to use in turn-based combat against ferocious, devious, and magical enemies who threaten humanity's last settlements.
The Trese Brothers have been playing and making tabletop roleplaying games since we were kids. Now as indie game developers, we’ve created award-winning cRPGs known for their deep systems and high replayability. Heroes of Steel was our 5th game but became a “hidden gem” as our first release on Steam. It’s a classic old-school fantasy RPG, inspired by games like Shining Force and the Gold Box D&D games.
Since release, we’ve continued to add free content to the game, with over 5 years and 100+ updates adding new chapters, new characters, tons of improvements thanks to player feedback, and more.
If you enjoy challenging, old-school RPGs, strategy games or turn-based combat, you’ll enjoy this indie RPG. What's in the Box?Heroes of Steel RPG includes four major story episodes, with each episode opening up more of the world and introducing new locations, items, and challenges.
Prologue & Episode 1: Death's Consort
Under the shadow of Baron Arhaive, your group forms into a unified cohort.
  • 20+ new enemy types
  • 26 Dungeons
  • 2 Towns
  • Hundreds of unique weapons, items, and gear

Episode 2: The Gathering Shadow
Heading east into the territory of the Braeys Family and Baron Koda, you face off against relentless threats and growing dangers.
  • 35+ new enemies
  • 32 Dungeons
  • 6 Towns
  • Hundreds of unique weapons, items, and gear

Episode 3: Whispers over Steel
All roads lead into the City of the Dead on the surface world to face whatever dark sorcery and darker secrets lurk there.
  • 20+ new enemies
  • 32 Dungeons
  • 8 Towns
  • Hundreds of unique weapons, items, and gear

Episode 4: Rise of the Chosen
Face the tumult of chaos and destruction that threatens to consume your world and your people in the fourth story episode, featuring more than 20 hours of gameplay.
  • 20+ new enemies
  • 16 Dungeons
  • New Towns
  • Hundreds of epic level weapons, items, and gear
Snag a Two PackThe Heroes of Steel Two Pack includes two copies of the game - one for you and one to gift to a friend. The second copy is included for half the price! Share this awesome tactics epic with a friend today, challenge them to see who can build the better party and make it further.