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Web Design Sales Secret - How To Sell 10+ Websites A Month Code

Web Design Sales Secret - How To Sell 10+ Websites A Month Code
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Learn the "Lumpy Mail" Method & Sell Web Development Easy. Are You A Struggling Website Creator? Get B2B Clients Now


Looking for an easy way to find customers for your custom websites?
Tired of being payed only $400 for a new website, when you know your skills are worth muchmore?
Hate the insecurity of being a freelancer – never knowing where and when you will get your next order for a website?
Want a steady stream of new, extremely profitable customers?
Want to turn a one-time website deal into a $1000/m recurring revenue stream?
Want to know the Best Kept Secret that make other website creation businesses so successful?

WEBSITE CREATION for clients is a lot of fun. But trying to get new clients for your custom made websites, can be draining. Especially if you are not seeing the results you want.

Pay-per-click ads, blogging and responding to freelancer site job requests are all good and fine, but it really isn’t that effective. There is a lot of competition – and as the price is driven to the bottom – so are your profits. 

What if I told you theirs a better way? A straightforward sales strategy that will get you highly profitable clients, that will easily pay you $4000 for a new website?

There is . It's called the Lumpy Mail Method . The best-kept lead generation secret in recent years.

With the Lumpy Mail Method you will have an endless supply of companies wanting to pay you 4 figures for a new website. Say “Goodbye” to low profits and “Hello” to quiet mornings, where all you have to do is grab a cup of coffee, and go work on that new website.


How to identify wealthy companies that need and wants to pay you premium prices for a new website
How to create a Lumpy Mail to send the companies so they will be convinced to buy a site from you
How to book sales meetings/consultations with the companies and sell the website
How to turn a one-time website deal into a $1000/m recurring revenue stream with minimum maintenance required (Bonus lecture)


"A winning strategy to sell web sites. Very easy to follow and straightforward. This course confirmed my guess about how to reach companies that need web sites. Thanks." 
- Shelley Corbin, USA

"Really well explained, easy to follow, and convincing. I know if I got one of these lumpies, I would open it and contact whoever sent it. Good job!" 
- Joe Finn, USA


Who are you?
My name is Ivan Westen. I have 10 years of experience designing websites and selling on my e-commerce stores. I am a online marketing junkie and have taken lot's of online courses, listen to 1000's of podcast episodes and read countless blog-post. I have tried a lot of stuff and learned what worked and what didn’t. You should trust me because I have succeeded in making money with my businesses, while other teachers have not.

What's in it for you? 
I get paid for teaching you step-by-step how to use the Lumpy Mail sales process to optimize your B2B sales prospecting. I use the money you pay me to buy coffee and diapers for my daughter. Simple enough.

I have never sold a website before - will the Lumpy Mail Method work for me?
Yes it will. If you know how to do simple website development (or you know someone who does), you can use the Lumpy Mail Method to sell custom websites and keep the profit. If you use the Lumpy Mail sales training from the beginning, you will have a very successful start as a website seller. 

Can you guarantee the Lumpy Mail Method will work for me? 
I guarantee that the method itself has proven to work for me and many others. But, it is not a passive website marketing method (not to begin with at least). It requires a time investment to build the Lumpy Mails you send out. But more importantly, you have to have the skills to create a quality website (or know someone who has). If you can produce quality websites and are willing to spend the time it takes to create a Lumpy Mail, I am convinced the method will work very well for you.

Does it work outside USA? 

It sure does. I'm from Europe and the method works equally well in USA, Germany or any other country and can be used across borders as well.


Press the "Take This Course" button on top, and start getting paid what your worth today! 

What are the requirements?

Free presentation, screenrecording & editing software. All links to the free software is supplied
Basic office supplies like a stapler, pens, an envelope etc.
A cheap miniature plastic trash can (links provided)

What am I going to get from this course?

Learn to identify wealthy companies that need and wants to pay you premium prices for a new website
Learn how to create a Lumpy Mail to send the companies, so they will be convinced to buy a site from you
Learn how to book sales meetings/consultations with the companies and make the sale
Learn how to turn a one-time website deal into a $1000/m recurring revenue stream with minimum maintenance required (Bonus lecture)

What is the target audience?

Anyone who wants to sell websites at a premium price: Online Marketers, Small Business Owners, Web Developers, Entrepreneurs, Salespeople, Sales Managers, Business Development Managers, Sales Executives, Web designers, Telemarketers etc.
Digital marketing agencies and old-school marketing agencies
People that are looking for get-rich-quick schemes should look elsewhere for sales strategies

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