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Kup Tank On Tank Digital - West Front Steam CD Key

Kup Tank On Tank Digital - West Front Steam CD Key

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Tank on Tank Digital brings World War II tactical ground combat to your computer screen! Command tanks across the Western Front with supporting infantry, artillery, and air support. Based on the popular Peter Bogdasarian design, this cutting-edge digital version presents a low complexity, easy-to-learn game that will provide hours of fun, or a quick scratch of your wargaming itch. Module West Front with 19 Scenarios and 4 Campaigns (‘Operation Jake’ is a shorter introductory Campaign with 2 Scenarios on a single Map A):

Tiger 222
Crossing the Douve
Recon Failure
Hasty Defense
Recon Into Sector
River Crossing
Pershing Power
Relieve Peiper
Dense Forest
Side Attack
Omaha Beach
Utah Beach
Christmas Day
Saint Lo Day 1
Saint Lo Day 2
Saint Lo Day 3
D-Day – Campaign
Operation Jake – Campaign
Saint Lo – Campaign
Ardennes – Campaign