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Buy Splinter Zone Steam CD Key

Buy Splinter Zone Steam CD Key

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You don't know who you are, or how you got here. There's no explanation for any of this.
There's only one thing you can do. Endure the challenges that get thrown in your way, learn them as best as you can and find a way to escape from this eternal punishment.
Fight. Not to save the world, but to maybe save yourself. A challenging experienceYou will fall into pits, you will get shot at, and some clown will probably jump on your head over and over again. The game might tell you, that you're not good enough to play it, but it's a lie! Reliable randomnessSplinter Zone doesn’t feature a true random level generation. Instead, its levels are pre-constructed, but the order in which they appear is randomly generated. This way it is still possible for you to get familiar with the game’s challenges while still having a unique experience every time you play. A combo system that rewards perfection above all elseThe more enemies you destroy and the less damage you take, the more devastating your attacks will get. Activate HYPER MODE to not only tremendously increase your damage output for a short time, but also your score. Permission to CheatSometimes, life's too short to play a challenging videogame. For those moments, Splinter Zone features a handy array of cheats that you can enable right at the start of the game. You can even turn off all enemies in the game, if you so desire... SecretsThere's more to this game that you might initially think...