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Kup Beach Bowling Dream VR Steam CD Key

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Data wydania: 13/01/2017

A lucid dream about getting ship-wrecked on a deserted island and finding that the materials from your ship have been turned into a bowling alley by a friendly ghost of a pirate! A simple and fun room-scale VR mini-game. Can you unlock the pirate's treasure chest? The lock on it looks fairly brittle...
Minimum Requirements
HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Windows Mixed Reality system with a reasonable room configuration for swinging your arm in a bowling motion (probably 4'x6' minimum, but larger is better).
Playing Instructions
Use the controller's triggers to pick up and let go of the cannon balls. Bowl underhand or throw them overhand - it's your dream, nobody is going to stop you!
Trailer for those without Flash support (iOS, etc.) available in the Community page.
Developer's Note: This is not a "bowling simulator" and was never intended to be...there are plenty of those with spin physics and scoring out there. The intention of this game was to give my Mom a way to bowl again. She is retired now and her shoulder and wrist injuries prevent her from lifting and throwing a real bowling ball. Through this game, I was able to let her bowl again (on a tropical island no less) and she really enjoys it. If you are an experienced VR gamer, this game is probably not for you...but if you have some people in your life who have never tried VR before or, like my Mom, love recreational bowling but can't do it anymore, have them give it a shot. There are no complicated menu systems, you only need to use one trigger on one controller, and it won't cause simulator sickness since all movements are 1:1 with your own physical movements. I hope you (and/or they) enjoy it!