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Space JammersA 1-4 player Sci-Fi rogue-ish top-down shooter. Guide an alien rock band of space kitten pirates through a fractured multi-verse. Fly starfighters, board space ships and loot local populations to fund your musical tour. Fight or sneak through dangerous space time with randomly generated weapons or upgrade unique skills to deal with randomly generated bosses. Navigate your tiny band of aliens to the center of the galaxy in time to compete in the Galactic Battle of Bands and become kings of Rock. Features
  • Twitch Integration: Stream the game to your channel and have others affect your gameplay by typing commands in the chat a la "Twitch Plays Pokemon"
  • Single Screen Local Co-Op (1-4)
  • Revive your fallen comrades
  • Explore a procedurally generated galaxy via an Overworld map
  • Leaderboards and seasonal rewards
  • Bullet Time
  • Random Level Generation
  • +30 weapons, +600 weapon/bullet combinations, +20 items and character skills
  • Level up your stats and abilities
  • Randomly generated Bosses
  • Keyboard/Mouse and Controller Support: XBox, Playstation, USB/Bluetooth
State of DevelopmentCo-Operative play is currently local. Online functionality can be added if there is enough interest.
Most of the main mechanics are implemented but the game is not yet feature complete.
Each new update to the game will include new content such as levels, weapons, items, and characters. Community DevelopmentWant to get involved and make an impact on the future development of the game?
Follow on Twitter to be notified of in-progress live streaming events or News.