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Kup The Final Specimen: Arrival Steam CD Key

Region Free
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The Final Horse is a free psychedelic expansion for The Final Specimen that will absolutely challenge your grip on reality.
It's an equine extravaganza ready to melt your brain with new boss battles, new cutscenes, new artwork, new music, new weaponry, new difficulty settings, and new secrets.
Play as a man with a handsome horse head in search of barnyard justice. Harness the power of a magical horseshoe to beat your enemies senseless. Experience the joy of peacefully interacting with other friendly creatures. Attempt to wrangle an evil rooster while madness creeps in through the walls.
Marvel at the wonder and the majesty. Behold the haystacks that would make Claude Monet proud! Behold the power and marvel at the glory!
Experience the greatest story ever told. You are THE FINAL HORSE. RETRO GAMEPLAY AND 1V1 PIZZA COMBAT
The Final Specimen is a comedic sci-fi adventure game in the style of the classic 2D platformers of the '90s. Packed with whimsical settings and eccentric characters, this energetic, challenging title brings an exciting take to old-school gaming.
The story begins when our hero, a young earthling, is transported to a distant planet. After facing sudden assault from the world's inhabitants, he soon finds out that his arrival is no coincidence. He is the only one who can prevent a nefarious alien foe from unleashing a terrible plot to rain destruction upon their home.
The game's environments range from interstellar highways and sprawling cities to overgrown catacombs and creepy basements filled with enemies who want your head. From rope swings to disappearing platforms, there is never a shortage of new obstacles to navigate. And if the ability to punch your enemies' lights out isn't enough, you can always collect ammunition: your personal stash of bombs and more bombs.
You are the culmination of years of alien experimentation. You are the only human who stands a chance. You are THE FINAL SPECIMEN.