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Kup Renowned Explorers: More To Explore Steam Gift

Kup Renowned Explorers: More To Explore Steam Gift

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This expansion pack for Renowned Explorers has one goal: giving you More To Explore! The main features are:
  • Two complete new expeditions: the Andean Adventure & The Lost Island.
  • The Campfire mechanic: crew relationships, back stories and game-changing upgrades.
  • Treasure Bonus Choices, turning treasures into surprises that boost your strategy.
  • More Places To ExploreFirst of all, you will find two complete new expeditions on your World Map.
    The Andean Adventure: A 3-star expedition into ancient Incan mountain territory. Find extremely valuable treasure by helping the different cities rise against the oppressive Emperor. Pay for the Llama Express to jump between areas of the map quickly.
    The Lost Island: in this new end-game expedition the secrets of the Anti-Explorers will finally be revealed.. if your crew is capable enough to make it through. Go above and beyond, and you might just find the prehistoric and dangerous secrets hidden in the mysterious pink mist that covers this island.
    With unique new mechanics and randomized content as before you'll go on countless adventures before uncovering every new secret and story. More Stories To ExploreWrestling star Dolores, Victor the veteran... you may think you know the 20 characters that REIS has to offer but there's more to their story. With the new Campfire feature you'll learn more about your favorite characters.
    By playing Crew Story cards you weave new story lines through your adventure, exploring your crew's past, and allowing you to build relationships between characters. Let Anna teach her terribly intelligent lessons, help Ivan stand up for his moral code and decide who falls in love with Maria. No crew will be the same! More Strategies To ExploreRenowned Explorers is about strategy, and More To Explore gives you brand new ways to build it.
  • Gathered around the campfire, your crew draws on their past and ambitions as they tell Campfire Stories of your choice. These stories play like cards from a deck, where each story has the ability to transform both your strategy and your crew. Compose different crews to create new decks and unlock new stories after every adventure.
  • Treasures already granted you nice bonuses, but in this expansion they become a real treat. Each discovery lets you choose from semi-random powerful bonuses, adding to your plan. And if you can't decide, chairman Pinkerton is there to help!

  • With this expansion you can be more certain than ever: no new adventure will be the same.

    There's always More To Explore!