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Release date: 26/06/2015

Jump into the action and battle your way through hordes of aliens from canyon deserts to tropical islands!

Complete the story-driven levels by collecting gas cans and defeating boss aliens to unlock upgraded weapons and perks to achieve the maximum fire-power, or play the survival game mode and try to hold on for as long as possible ! There are many different kinds of aliens to fight in various environments, as much as weapons and items to find!


  • 3 large open world maps set in different places and guided by story lines. 
  • 2 survival maps with the goal of resisting against aliens for as long as possible. 
  • 8 weapons ranging from the revolver, the tommy gun to the grenade launcher with each one having 2 levels of upgrade increasing their efficiency. 
  • 3 species of aliens requiring different tactics and weapons to defeat them. 
  • Fully destructible environments as much by the player as by the aliens. 
  • Perk system using credits points earned during playing to increase health, speed, jumps, melee kicks, etc... 
  • 19 achievements to unlock. 
  • Support of Steam trading cards. 
  • Support of Steam cloud to keep all progress available on any computer. 
  • Playable with Xbox-like gamepads. 
  • Many customisable settings and tweaks.
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