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Kup M4 Tank Brigade Steam CD Key

Region Free
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M4 Tank Brigade is a unique tactical and strategy game where the player can control up to 4 armored vehicles at the time, while also directing artillery and air strikes, and also jump between the members of your platoon when your vehicle gets out of position or damaged. The player can drive and shoot while controlling the other assets from the game map. Online players can also bring up to 3 wingmen to take on other players.
M4 Tank Brigade reintroduces the game play of the original MicroProse Software’s M1 Tank Platoon, previously produced by IENT CEO , Wild Bill Stealey, Lt. Colonel, USAF Retired. M4 is both a single player game and an online game. M4 Tank Brigade in single player game provides thousands of unique single player missions. In these single player missions, the player can command not one platoon but up to four platoons, using the Map to strategize, to develop tactics, to win battles against other platoons of enemy tanks.
As an online game, you can invite your friends to play to come online and fight in multiple terrains against other human players online for FREE forever.
With an active online account players get choices of over 15 different vehicles with bigger and tougher tanks as WW II history progressed.
Without an active account players can still play online FREE forever with early armored vehicles.
M4 Tank Brigade requires strategy and tactical maneuvering to position your armored vehicles to capture territory and defeat enemy forces. You can send your vehicles on separate missions. You can jump into any vehicle at a critical time to insure victory. Your skill driving and shooting from that vehicle could insure victory! You can also call in artillery barrages and air strikes to smash enemy positions. The map shows friendly and enemy forces over a very large area, including other friendly and enemy players in the online game. Coordinate with friends to position your forces for victory!
M4 Tank Brigade is a simulation based on World War II Armored warfare. M4 Tank Brigade is not an arcade game but a simulation game that takes some real learning, great tactics, and forward thinking to play and win!
The offline "campaign" game for solo play includes various regions that gradually "unlock" as you play. Within each region, each battle has randomly generated forces, objectives and starting positions to ensure each fight is new and different.
The online game is set in a virtual battlespace where the overall tide of war ebbs and flows between two fictional nations, "Gold" and "Purple." The warfare is continuous, until one side or the other conquers the dozens of objectives across the battlespace. If either side is short of players, the game "fills in" with AI tank units to help. Even if there are no other players, the AI for each side picks objectives, attacks and defends. There is always a fight somewhere, and you as a player can make a difference in the battle.
Show your tactical combat skills and come play M4 Tank Brigade today!