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Buy Company of Heroes 2: German Commander - Storm Doctrine DLC Steam CD Key

Buy Company of Heroes 2: German Commander - Storm Doctrine DLC Steam CD Key

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Requires the base game Company of Heroes 2 on Steam in order to play.
Release date: 23/07/2013

Focused firepower and the ability to weather enemy counterattacks are hallmarks of this doctrine.


  • STUKA BOMBING STRIKE -  A JU-87D Stuka will dive in and drop a 50kg bomb on the target location. Capture points are neutralized if hit.
  • LEFH 18 ARTILLERY  - This light 10.5cm Field Howitzer doesn’t have the destructive power of some Soviet artillery, but it counters with a good rate of fire and reasonably long range.
  • TACTICAL MOVEMENT  - All infantry are ordered to move at their fastest available speed for the duration of the ability.
    (Does not affect anti-tank gun squads).
  • HALFTRACK RIEGEL 43 ANTI-TANK MINE  - Lay a Riegel 43 heavy anti-tank mine.
  • AMBUSH CAMOUFLAGE  - Grenadiers, Panzer Grenadiers or HMGs can be upgraded with better camouflage, concealing them in cover or deep snow. Attacking enemy units while in camouflage will briefly increase their damage.
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