Your time is up! – A 101 to creating history by Kinguin for Charity Winter Edition 2015 featuring Nozdormu.

Yes, indeed; round of 16 turned out to be legendary. On this day we created history, with the help of a very friendly dragon by the name of Nozdormu. Old school players proved that they are the ones to be afraid of. It seems as if certain players, especially Kolento, have managed to break their losing streaks by pulling a new deck to the tournament.


It goes without saying that this particular match is filled with aggression; well you can’t wrong when it comes to violence with a fire infused bat, can you now? Gaara’s outstanding ability to bring doom upon his enemies with Thrall was has always been top notch, but yesterday it looked as if the member of TempoStorm found a new source of inner strength. Expect a test of five that could very well earn itself a title of blitzkrieg; a welcome addition for those who found themselves a bit snoozy during game one between Lifecoach and Hosty.

Sometimes one only needs to sit back and enjoy the level of gameplay brought by the sheer presence of Kolento. Despite the backlash that he has been receiving recently, the Ukrainian gladiator decided to silence the non-believers with his Midrange Warlock. On the other side, there is Hosty – a hero of the people, stuck at the airport. He was thrown into the sandstorm created by the one and only: Nozdormu. Ultimately, Hosty won his best of five at the back of his Hunter deck; proving why it is the most used and banned class of the tournament as of yet.

Powder/Massan vs Strifecro vs Thijs: link