Kinguin for Charity Winter Edition 2015 - Postponed tournament date

Dear Hearthstone fans: we, as a company, are delighted to inform you that Kinguin for Charity Winter Edition 2015 will continue on Saturday 31st at 12:00 CET / 11:00 GMT / 06:00 EST / 03:00 PST!

Sadly, the possibility of further DDoS attacks forced us and the players to come to an agreement that the rest of the tournament would be recorded offline and broadcasted live on the upper-mentioned date (Saturday 31st). Therefore the matches that had been affected by third parties (namely: Neirea vs Ekop, Massan vs Powder) were replayed.

Regrettably, Cloud 9’s StrifeCro did not agree to replay his match against ThijsNL. In the light of this situation, it was decided that ThijsNL would advance to the quarter-finals in StrifeCro’s stead.

We would like to thank the players for their co-operation and fairness toward one another; once again, thank you for upholding the competitive integrity of e-sports.

If you would like to help the kids even further, you will still be able to donate on Saturday by clicking the donation widget on our twitch channel. By doing so, you will be redirected to Child’s Play Charity website, where you will be able to place your donation. Remember guys – good deeds come back to us twofold!