Summer is coming, the sun is out – time to go out and do something sporty! Or… Stay at home and play one of those amazing games focused on parkour – the art of traversing the city in a stylish and quick way.

5. Titanfall


The only game in this set in which parkour is just one of many tools used by the hero. But it’s sufficiently important for us to include this title. In Titanfall you play as a pilot. After some time your pilot is able to call in a powerful mech, but before that happens you need to use your feet a lot! You can run on the walls, jump, and climb – the system is imple but it gives you a lot of flexibility and you feel like a god running and gunning, while jumping from wall to wall.

Watch how proffesionals run around in Titanfall:

4. Prince of Persia - Warrior Within

Ok, this part of Prince of Persia has it’s years, but it’s still the best piece of “pre-assassin's creed” Third Person Perspective parkour game. Ok – it’s not about traversing cities, more castles, caves and the like, but it’s still mighty fun, and the Prince’s agility will give you a ton of opportunities to wall run, jump and swing. To be successful you will need to string those moves together in one fluid motion. It’s not only efficient; it also gives the player lots of joy!

Watch some of Prince's parkour tricks:


3. Assassin’s Creed: Unity

VMany people say that parkour in Assassin’s Creed is simplified and that’s true. It’s easy to learn and easy to perform, but… it’s also pretty difficult to master. With time you discover that there is more to the assassin’s movement than initially meets the eye. The movement system in the series has undergone many subtle and less subtle changes over the years, bringing it up to what it is today in Unity. After some training you will discover how to use jump, how to ascend and descend in the most efficient way, and how to maintain fluid movement without any stops.

Below you will find some free roam parkour from Assassin's Creed Unity:

2. Dying Light  

Just another zombie game… with a twist! In general opinion the thing that distinguishes Dying Light from the Dead Island series is the addition of parkour. Even if that’s true - what an addition it is! Techland, creators of Dying Light, approached the subject with care. They asked for the help of David Belle – the man who created parkour, and made it the popular extreme sport it is today. With his insight they created a fun and accessible system, allowing you to traverse the city like a traceur (term for people practicing parkour) would. You will jump, climb, leap over, and vault all the time. You will rebound from zombies, and jump on and from them like they were springboards. You will do cat leaps and tic-tac-toes like a pro (these are actual parkour tricks). And after some practice you will get even better with running - your character will tire less, and be able to climb faster.

Watch some neat tricks performed in Dying Light:

1. Mirror’s Edge

The number one game in our set is a definite pinnacle of gaming parkour. Mirror’s Edge came out in 2007 and after 8 years it’s still the best game about running ever published. You play as Faith Connors, a runner living in a dystopian city in the near future. You act as a courier responsible for trafficking important information outside of the digital network. And you will run. A lot. At its core Mirror’s Edge is a racing game. Faith’s movement is based on momentum - depending on your speed and the moment of action you will perform different moves. If you approach a fence with insufficient speed you will have to scale it. But if you measure your jump correctly you can traverse the obstacle in one fluid movement.

The single player campaign won’t take you long – it’s about 4–7 hours depending on your skills. The real fun begins with time trials, where you have to push yourself to the limit, trying to save those precious thousandths of a second to secure first place.

After all these years it’s still an absolutely awesome game, still looks good and plays like a charm.

Check out why Mirror's Edge is the best parkour game ever made: