Top 5 games you shouldn’t be playing while working but you will anyway!

In every office worker’s day there is this moment when he/she wants to doze off. To take that little break and do something utterly unproductive. Procrastinate. Not work. Be lazy.

We come with help! Below you will find a nifty list of 5 games we think are super-awesome to play when you should be working. There is even one title that you can play with co-workers (assuming they actually like video-games, and are good at it). So - when your boss isn’t looking, go on and indulge yourself!

5. The Mountain

Not so much of a game and more of a video-gaming experiment, this little gem is perfect for the office. You play as the titular Mountain. And by play we mean - you look at the events unfold in front of you. You are not directly controlling anything. All you can do is to change view and play some tunes by pressing keys on your keyboard. And if you think it’s boring you will be surprised - watching your Mountain float through space, gathering random objects, and reading thoughts inscribed on the screen is strangely addictive. And since you don’t really have to do anything it’s the perfect game for the office.

Watch a guy become a mountain below:

4. Half Minute Hero

When working people usually have limited time to spend on… not working. That’s why Half Minute Hero is the perfect game to play in the office. As the title states - your quests will take 30 seconds to complete. Ok - there will be some situations in which you will be able to prolong the session, but in general - half a minute and that’s it! The game consists of fun and fast minigames that will test not only your reflexes but also your preparation abilities - without the proper gear the chances of succeeding are slim!

Watch TotalBiscuit playing Half Minute Hero:

3. Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol

Turn-based strategy game about dogfighting set in World War I? Made by the world famous Sid Meier (of Civilization’s fame)? Well - here you go. In this simple yet incredibly engaging game you take control of a full squadron of pilots and then join the frantic, yet very tactic air battle. With each move you will set up the paths of your planes, trying to put them in a superior position that will allow you to dispatch your enemies with ease. Since the game is turn-based you will always have enough time to plan accordingly, which makes it the perfect office game.

Check out the review of Ace Patrol: 

2. Monaco

Monaco is an interesting take on stealth games - games in which you have to be very, very sneaky and use an assortment of tools and skills to attain your goals. Monaco is a co-op game best played in a company of four. With each player taking his own specific role (such as pickpocket, the cleaner or lookout), you will try to rob casinos, mansions and banks, evading guards and guard dogs, trying to dismantle the alarms and cameras. Beautiful pixelart graphics mixed with cool music and well designed gameplay makes Monaco one of the best and deepest office games in our set. You will have to convince your co-workers but when you do you are going to have a good time!

Here you will find a "letsplay" video of Monaco with some famous youtubers:

1.Bejeweled 3

You wouldn’t believe how incredibly addictive simple games like Bejeweled can become. The rules are straightforward - all you need to do is match a minimum of 3 gems in one row. That will make them disappear and new gems fall on the board. With time you will discover how to get bonuses and how to use special abilities which help you to clear the board even faster.

For many years this was a favourite “moms” game. Now it’s time for Bejeweled to conquer offices of the world.

See some crazy combos in Bejeweled 3: