Dark future? Cyborgs? Augmented people? If you love theese, then you are a cyberpunk fan.

Usually set in a dystopian future where technology has completely invaded our lives and the world is ruled by all-mighty corporations, cyberpunk is a sub-genre of science-fiction first established in the 1980s.  Movies like Blade Runner, Johnny Mnemonic andor Total Recall (especially the newer version) - theose are very good examples of cyberpunk depiction in the cinema - very gloomy in atmosphere, foreboding and cruel, but also full of neon lights, sexy cyborg girls or… titular punks living on the streets of megacities.

Surprisinlgly, cyberpunk is strongly under-represented in videogames. There are few truly cyberpunk games and good ones are even fewer. Below you will find our list of the Top 5 Cyberpunk games you should play.


Reimagining of the 20 years old classic wasn’t best received by the gamers. Electronic Arts decided to make the famous Syndicate into a… First Person Shooter! People used to thea slightly strategic approach of original game didn’t take the changes lightly. But when they actually started to play, they discovered that Syndicate as a shooter actually works quite well! Cool, sci-fi presentation with an awesome expanded reality HUD made the game visually appealing, and good shooting mechanics mixed with a fresh coop-mode attracted a lot of players. It’s a solid, fun game, you should check out if you love cyberpunk.

Watch Syndicate gameplay:

Hard Reset

Another shooter in the fray - Hard Reset is mostly about blowing up tons of robots.  And there is a reason for that, for in the far future there is a whole empire of evil robots called Barren that dreams about enslaving and killing all humans. This is one of those games completely focused around gameplay, “old school” as they call it. It’s about shooting and then shooting some more and this is exactly what won gamers’ hearts. Well conceived weapons, balanced enemies and the cool, arcade-like movement of the hero made Hard Reset into one of the cult shooters it is today. Definitely worth trying.

See how Hard Line looks in action:


Shadowrun: Dragonfall

A real treat not only for the cyberpunk fans but also for all those who love roleplaying games. Shadowrun is a well known pen-and-paper system and it waswas transferred to games before - without any luck. But the 2013 version changed that, bringing this amazing world where technology mixes with magic and mythical creatures such as elves, orcs anor trolls walk among humans. Shadowrun has an involving story paired with well designed gameplay and that makes it a game which you shouldn’t miss!

Shadowrun gameplay:

System Shock 2

Big league here - it might look a bit dated, since this game was made in 1999, but damn it’s good! With help of some modifications you can upgrade the graphics so you can fully engulf yourself in one of the best stories in videogames. System Shock 2 takes you on board theof Von Braun spaceship - an experimental vessel capable of Faster Than Light Speed. You wake up after hibernation only to discover that Von Braun is almost deserted and those who are left have turned into vicious, bloodthirsty maniacs. In addition,the ship’s Artificial Intelligence has been invaded by the infamous Shodan - AI known from the first System Shock, that wants to destroy humanity in any way possible. System Shock 2 is still one of the best horror/science-fiction/cyberpunk games ever made, so don’t waste time, go and play it.

System Shock 2 in action:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Ourt top spot is occupied by a game coming from one of the most respected series ever made - Deus Ex. Human Revolution is the latest addition and it’s pretty much one of the best and “most cyberpunk” games ever made. It’s story-driven gameplay puts great emphasis on conversations and their repercussions. Depending on how you talk with people you can have some drastically different results, especially if you invest some skill-points into persuasion abilities. Your hero, Adam Jensen, is a hi-profile bodyguard tasked with protectingon of one of the most influential people in the world - David Sarif, owner of Sarif Industries,  a leading cybernetics company responsible for the majority of augmentations used in public. After being badly hurt in an anti-augmentation terrorist attack, Jensen is transformed into a cyborg and has to face important questions about the nature of humanity in a modern world. The gGameplay of Human Revolution depends strongly on how you develop your character. You can play as a soldier, using guns, and melee attacks, go stealthily and cloak yourself making Adam practically invisible, or hack your way through thanks to special hacking augmentations.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is considered among the best RPG games made, so no fan of cyberpunk should miss it.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution gameplay looks like this: