Win The Stanley Parable, Super Meat Boy, Bastion and more! Tara Babcock has 5 awesome indie titles for you! Grab them!

Why do we love Indie games so much? Because they are cheap compared to other games? Yes, that can be tempting, but sometimes a good price is not enough. We love indies because they are made with passion by gamers for gamers. Behind every indie game stands some unique idea and an amazing story to tell. They are always fresh and juicy! But that’s not all; they can be sentimental in every detail and bring back your childhood memories in two shakes!
Sometimes a little loony, sometimes weird, but always totally awesome! And they run almost on any computer!

Our partner Tara Babcock knows what’s hot! She has it and she’s ready to share:

Today one of these 5 great indie titles can be yours!

Take a great journey with Isaac, collect bizarre treasures, get superpowers and fight mysterious creatures!

Become a small, dark red, cube-shaped character named Meat Boy and save your cube-shaped, heavily bandaged girlfriend called Bandage Girl from the evil scientist Dr. Fetus.

Welcome to the office. It’s a perfect day for paranoia. You will play as Stanley, or not. The game will end or not...- it’s your choice... or not?

Did you ever dream of being an immigration inspector? There you go! You will control the flow of people entering the Arstotzkan side of Grestin from Kolechia. Watch out for smugglers, spies and terrorists!

Discover the secret of a surreal catastrophe that shattered the world to pieces… and meet your true committed companion - the storyteller.

Turned on? Go for it!

All you have to do is use this app below!


Good luck guys!

Winners will be announced on 24th July.
To get your prize please contact us on [email protected] within 7 days!