Kinguin for Charity Spring Edition 2015 Day 1 Summary – Congratulations, your Piloted Shredder evolved into a Millhouse Manastorm!

Day One was quite a blast and it seems like The Conquest system has been working out extraordinarily well. Our participants have schemed in secrecy, laid out plans and in the very end the ones to dominate everything else were either the fastest or the most patient; we are looking at you, Face Hunter.

It did reek of Pokemon for a few seconds; it is quite rare to find a wild Millhouse Manastorm piloting a Piloted Shredder. It must have been a tiny letdown to find out that Amaz has not brought a new variation of a Priest deck, but at the very moment the main Healer of Hearthstone is in a pretty weird shape and he does not match up very well against other top classes.
The creator of The Pinnacle must have had a thirst for revenge, as the gods of RNG granted him not only the ability to draw nearly perfectly, but also the possibility of running into several favorite match-ups.

The average length of Lifecoach’s games was way too short. The promises to spread the way of Ropecoach have not been brought to fulfillment, but the basic teachings of roping out one’s turns have been passed onto the next generation.
 It was quite a feast to witness the triple demise of Control Warrior, especially against the immensely punishing Handlock. Not surprisingly, it had to be exactly Lifecoach to bring out one of the slowest decks in Hearthstone, but this is easily forgivable, if its execution is done as perfectly as it was presented by Nihilum’s very own Ropecoach

Alright, admit it, Millhouse: just how much did you get paid to appear twice over a span of two hours. The actual percentage for something like this is even lesser than Ragnaros hitting somebody’s face at a total of 8 HP, while facing 7 other minions on the board. This best of five has utterly displayed why Mech Mage is such an extremely contested class nowadays and why Oil Rogue is a great counter to everything – that is as long as it gets something describable as “the perfect draw”.
There is a particular mind game by Thijs, which took place during the fifth and it can be seen in the screenshot above. That must have been one of the most classic Druid oriented bluffs we ever had a privilege to lay our sights upon. The ability to play out one’s minions on curve, while being extremely behind in the health match-up is quite courageous in itself.
The wittiness to keep only two cards in the hand and without previously using the combo is a top-level feature; one available only to those with extreme experience in turn based games.

It was certainly the result that most Hearthstone would have expected. Truly, it is not an easy task to face a man who has been labeled as Godlento, as his skill and diversity of playstyles painted him as a reincarnation of an unbeatable gladiator.
If there is one thing that we need to take from this series, it would definitely be the fact that Oil Rogue is never to be underestimated; despite its match-up. Kolento’s futuristic thinking has escalated his play to the next level, however his most recent victories can easily be assessed to an extremely tiring strategy called “target: face”. Despite all of that we cannot forget Frezzar’s valiant efforts, as he fought bravely until the very end and provided everyone with a more old-school version of a Shaman, which was a truly rejoicing moment for those who have grown slightly tired of seeing the prefix “Mech” being added before each third decklist.

Dear Hearthstoners, the game has begun and it is only going to get crazier, as the spring edition of Kinguin for Charity will be back live in tomorrow at our official Twitch Channel:
As for today, we would like to thank all of you, who tuned in to watch the spring installment of Kinguin for Charity. Together, we have gathered a total of 771$!
The first match will begin at 15:00 CET and feature one of the youngest and most talented professional Hearthstone players out there – Nihilum’s RDU, who will be taking on Fnatic’s Kaldi!