Team Nihilum overwhelms the Spring Edition of Kinguin for Charity 2015 and locks in the two final spots!

The only recently formed team, consisting of Lifecoach, Lothar, ThijsNL and RDU has already made a name for itself by dominating a major tournament in a stunning fashion.

A new force raises and immediately slam dunks on all who oppose it

Both Lifecoach and Lothar have qualified to the Grand Finale, which means that Team Nihilum has already secured the top two positions. The third place is yet to be decided, as Savjz will be the final boss during Nihilum’s quest to complete dominance. Brace yourselves, as a new force raises and immediately slam dunks on all, who oppose it.
Tune in to Kinguin’s official Twitch Channel, as the third place and final matches will be taking place in just a few minutes!