Show no mercy with Redmercy!

It’s time for another Kinguin and Redmercy giveaway! Win Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Dying Light or Cities Skyline!

The grub has started and all zombies are invited! So you better run and jump cause when the tnight comes, the feast will begin… and you are going to be the entré fight for your rights to the parkour party and kill those dead walking beasties in Dying Light ! Save yourself or save the history of Dragon Ball with Goku! Brighten the evil darkness, travel beyond time and space, explore amazing worlds and defeat your enemies in Dragon Ball Xenoverse!
Exhausted by the battles? Create your own happy place! Build and rule a whole new metropolis in Cities Skylines!

Follow Redmercy on his Twitch channel and have a go!
Redmercy is calling himself a “gamer for life”. He is a Canadian streamer and Youtuber and he’s making educational League of Legends videos to improve his followers gameplay!

And just as usual, all of those amazing items are provided by us!

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Chop Chop and good luck!

Show no mercy with Redmercy!

Congratulations to all lucky winners! Please contact us via Twitter to get your prize!