Save the world with Benelux Gamers!

Join the forces with Kinguin and Benelux Gamers, help to save the world and grab fantastic prize!

When a deadly virus spreads all over the world, all bets are off. Decimated New York becomes a battlefield for factions trying to seize power. You're an agent of The Division – an organization created to minimize losses and restore the world order. You are the New York’s last and only hope.

The Division is a unique mix of single and multiplayer, with a vast, seamless world to explore. Join other players in co-op story missions or fight them in PvP arena. Level up, acquire new skills and mod your weapons. Enjoy the adrenaline pumping action in beautiful environments, with some of the best weather, lighting and particle effects ever to be put on screen.

Join the giveaway and grab this fantastic title! We have only one game key to hand out, so you better hurry up - Manhattan is lost without you!

And what Benelux Gamers wants to tell about themselves?

Are you looking for a Dutch speaking 16+ pc multi-gaming community? Stop looking, because a new community has been born called Benelux Gamers. was established late 2015. Soon a TeamSpeak server was launched with an awesome functional website. Benelux Gamers main goal is to be a fun community where we can offer services to gamers in the Benelux. Every gamer can join us in playing games on our game servers and talk with us on our TeamSpeak server, without being a member of the community. You don't have to be active on our forum or website to keep your membership. No, just have fun in gaming. That's why you are a pc gamer!

How to enter? As usual, use the app below, follow Kinguin and Benelux Gamers on social media and keep your fingers crossed!

Save the world with Benelux Gamers!

The giveaway starts on March 7th and ends on March 14th. In order to receive your prize please contact us on [email protected] within 7 days from announcing the winners. In the message content or its title please include “Save the world with Benelux Gamers!”

Good luck!