Grab Rise of the Tomb Raider! Join the Giveaway with Tara Babcock!

Lara Croft is one of the most popular female protagonist in the wide world of video games. No wonder, she’s smart, beautiful, and athletic, and above all that, she’s an English archaeologist-adventurer who explores ancient and always dangerous tombs and ruins around the world. Join Lara in her next adventure, follow her to Russia and step into the fascinating world full of traps and puzzles!

Echoes of the past...

Rise of the Tomb Raider is the successor to 2013’s Tomb Raider and it continues the story told in a forerunner.The events that took place on the Yamatai Island left their mark on Lara; she became a hard, more ruthless yet restless woman.

Although this time Lara’s taking us to Siberia to track down the mysterious Prophet and find the source of immortality in the ruins of the city Kitież. The story is related to the research carried out by Lara’s father, his suicidal death and the Order of the Trinity – the eternal enemy of Prophet and his people.

The game is everything Tomb Raider fans have been waiting for! Rise is much bigger than its predecessor. It offers massive, visually stunning game spaces and guerrilla-style combat.

Lara is awesome. Be Lara!

Join the giveaway and take part in Lara’s next adventure! Discover secrets, explore the unknown and confront your deepest fears! You better be quick, there’s only two copies of the game to win!

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Tara Babcock is a hot League of Legend/ StarCraft player and a professional model. When she plays… well, everybody watches…. you should to! Watch this sexy streamer becoming a sexy archaeologist in the newest adventures of Lara Croft!

Check out Tara’s Twitch channel. It’s Kinguin recommended!

How to grab the game?

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Tara or Lara?

The Giveaway starts on 29th of the January and ends on 7th of the February. Winners have to contact us on [email protected] within 7 days from the announcement.

Good Luck!