The Birth of Survival Horror

Resident Evil will always have a special place in my heart. When the first PlayStation first came out I remember my young self watching my father play a demo of the first Resident Evil and all I can remember is being scared out of my wits. That is one of my earliest gaming memories (I am only 17).

It’s only recently I have started to enjoy horror games but I remember playing Resident Evil 2 or at least watching my older brother play it. It was and still is one of the finest games crafted. I’ll be honest though I have never played Resident Evil 3. Nemesis on the front cover scared the living hell out of me that face was enough to turn me off it and it still does a testament to what a great cover art can do.

Then possibly the one Resident Evil game that most people agree on being the best in the franchise, Resident Evil 4, again I’ll be honest (and it’s one of my biggest shames) I have never completed Resi 4. I have played it but not much, I think I will have to pick it up and play it on my PC and finally put my biggest shame to bed.

I DID though complete Resident Evil 5, with the addition of co-op my brother and I played and really enjoyed the seriously flawed fifth entry into the series (not including all the spin-offs I could never keep up with them). I mean who can’t love Chris Redfield punching a massive boulder?

Then Resident Evil 6, I haven’t played it yet, I do plan on it but I can’t get away from Revelations, it’s like the perfect blend of Resident Evil 2 and 4/5. It really plays well and though it doesn’t look the best because it’s a 3DS port it looks surprisingly good for coming from a portable console. I will live on dreaming hoping for some texture mods.

Resident Evil is one of the greatest franchises in gaming and if you haven’t played any of the games go do so now. Please.