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The platform was established in 2013 as a broker in the area of PC games and accessories sales. Its purpose is to allow merchants to sell their products online, just like they would sell physical goods at the biggest e-commerce websites. When looking for a specific game, the buyer sees the current stock of various shops and can pick the best offer. The wide variety of payment methods and Kinguin's Buyer Protection system make an environment as safe for the customers as the world's largest e-commerce platforms.

 Local store managers oversee the markets in 130 countries in Europe, Asia, North & South America and Australia to ensure the quality of service and credibility of the sellers. Although our core has always been about ensuring the best possible prices, we stay true to other, equally important values, such as outstanding customer service. We offer 24/7 LIVE Customer Support in over 13 languages! No one is able to match the quality and quantity of our customer service team, which will help you with any problem you might have.

Since 2013 our platform has connected about 6,000 sellers with over 6,000,000 buyers.


Team Kinguin

Kinguin has immediately recognized the importance of esports as a driving force of the market. It has been our mission to help develop and grow the esports scene, which is why we are involved with competitive gaming on multiple levels. Kinguin is the proud sponsor of Team Kinguin, which have seen numerous successes at tournaments all around the world – including the prestigious second place at the World Electronic Sports Games 2017, which took place in Changzhou, China.

We have partnered with ESL to sponsor ESL One, Intel Extreme Masters and ESL Pro League to ensure leagues have everything they need to thrive. We also hold our own tournaments, such as GG Masters and Operation: Kinguin, where aspiring teams can play for impressive prize pools against top level teams. Among the events we took part in are: ESL One New York, IEM Oakland and IEM Katowice.

In July 2017 Team Kinguin became the founding team of ELIGA – a professional esport league utilizing an innovative business model, where teams themselves are the owners of their league.


Team Kinguin Performance Center

In order to initiate additional activities and raise the value of the electronic sports market, we are working to create Warsaw's very first professional esports training center. It will ensure the necessary space and infrastructure to allow players to develop and become world-class contenders. It will be a perfect place for practicing, holding tournaments and seeking for new talents. Teams will remain under constant guidance of coaches, and for the purpose of creating content for fans, we will establish a production studio.

 1900 m2 of usable area:

- Gaming hall (bootcamp) with bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and dining rooms

- Gym, conference rooms, content production studio (streaming)

- Offices for coaches, analysts, psychologists and personal coaches

- Terrace with a bar, jacuzzi and relaxation zone

- Office space


Kinguin Franchising System

Electronic sports, similarly to traditional sports, are broadening their audience. In order to make it even more engaged, active and numerous, we will create the first ever network of entertainment centers dedicated to esports tournaments and games.

Under the Kinguin Franchising System we will create the first hub in Warsaw – a place for fans and enthusiasts, where they will be able to share esports emotions and experiences with their friends and teams, play favourite games, visit a Virtual Reality studio, relax at bars and restaurants, and have a great time.

700 m2 of usable area:

 - Gaming hall for teams (bootcamp)

- Audience hall with a giant wall screen

- VR games area

- Video content production studio (streaming)

- Bars and restaurants

- VIP lounge and conference halls

- Offices



The professionalization of electronic sports creates new perspectives of growth for players, audiences and investors.

Bringing Team Kinguin and Kinguin Franchising System to life allows the business community to enter a new and quickly developing market. The team, tournaments, entertainment centers for players and fans, and, most of all, the marketing that accompanies them open up a whole new economic horizon for the investors.


Bartłomiej Bełc

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