Premium Members - You go to Stone Age now!

Me Takkar, me hunter, me know the good deal when I see it. Good deal is like a mammoth it’s very fat and tasty, but it’s not easy to catch...

You premium, this is your chance, you go catch your mammoth - buy your game very cheap and be like me - Takkar, me hunter!

Be like Takkar!

He’s a prehistoric hunter the only one from his hunting team who escaped alive from a brutal assault from another tribe. Now he’s on his own and he needs to survive in a land full of aggressive and deadly species.

Grab your mammo...Far Cry Primal Special Edition for just € 24.99 and enter the Stone Age! Use this code: URPRIMALSIDE on the checkout!  

Have fun and try to stay alive!  

*this promo is valid till 21.03.2016 incl.