Patch to CoD:Ghost

4 months. This is how much time the developers from Infinity Ward need to create a patch to change the FOV (field of view) in CoD:Ghost.

Right after CoD:Ghost release players experienced a massive amount of bugs and glitches. One of the most irritating was the FOV locked on 65 deegres, which causes nausea and dizziness. Fortunately, fans took matters into their own hands and in less than 12 hours after the release you could download the patch that fixed this issue. And thanks to Activision after 24h the problem of the unofficial patch was fixed since they ordered to remove it. Thank you, Activision!

After that players had to use the 65 deegree FOV (and feel like a dog) or use the application mentioned aboved, which, since they had ordered to remove it, spread around the internet - thank you, Internet!

But finally - the Infinity Ward community manager, Tina Palacios, announced that an official FOV patch will be available in nearest future. Thank you, developers - it only took 4 months to do something that fans had made in less than a day.

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