Mortal Kombat Characters In Real Life

Reddit user kevinday has uploaded a pikture of the aktors of Mortal Kombat posing together. He klaims that he has been working for Midway in the 90s.

Ever wondered how the Mortal Kombat guys look like in real life? Here is a picture of part of the crew.

Back row:
John Parrish(incredibly ripped guy): Jax
Carlos Pesina(black shirt): Raiden, also an artist for a ton of Midway games
John Turk(very center, back row): MK3 Ninjas /u/KejiKotaro has corrected me, this is Bryan Glynn: Shao Kahn in MK2/3
Rich Divizio(green shirt): Kano, Baraka, Quan Chi
Anthony Marquez(white shirt): Kung Lao
Daniel Pesina(thumbs up): MK1/2 Ninjas
Middle row:
Philip Ahn: Shang Tsung from MK2
Kerri Hoskins(black shirt): Sonya and Kia
Lia Montelongo(light shirt): Sindel, Sareena and Tanya
Sal Divita: MK3 robots, also artist for many of Midway's sports games
John Vogel(black shirt): Artist for nearly all of the MK games

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