More Metro games are planned for the future

Deep Silver CEO Dr. Klemens Kundratitz has pretty much confirmed the continuation of the Metro franchise with an interview with Joystiq at Gamescom a few days ago.   


"It's been a positive experience," he said. "I'm very glad we acquired that brand. While it launched in a very dry space in the gaming calendar this year, it still got a lot of attention. Our ambition is to absolutely continue with that brand and we will also, in the next phase, look to making it more accessible for a broader gamer audience."

Honestly after hearing the ‘A’ word I have already started to lose hope. Publishers love to throw that word around and it just means we want to make a sub-standard game and appeal to an audience that otherwise wouldn’t have cared for Metro. You would think after the last two games and books that if these people still aren’t buying your product you are just grasping at straws. Simply put Accessibility in gaming industry terms means appeal to everyone please no one.

Kundratitz continues about the situation with the owner of the brand Dmitry Glukhovsky:

"It is true with a license you have to be aligned with the license holder. In this case it's [Metro 2033 author] Dmitry Glukhovsky who holds the license and he's a great guy. He enjoys the game, the success of the game and we have a good relationship." Kundratitz continued, "He is a great contributor. Also, going forward, as he has been very positive contributing to the last game – I think he can play an active role for whatever comes in the future."

I hope Glukhovsky oversees all future projects as the Metro universe is very deep and interesting and I would hate to see it bastardised for “Accessibility”.