League of Legends Contains Pornography?

It sounds ridiculous but it's true. In Great Britain you can't download the newest patch for the game, since filters recognize some files as pornography.

There is new law in GB that requires that all files have to be scanned by special filter before can be downloaded on your computer. This system should block every file that contains pornographic content.

If you download the newest patch you will see that few files are missing.

So what is wrong with those files? Does Riot Games hide there pictures of nude Ahri or naughty videos of Irelia? Unfortunately no. The problem is in... the name of the files!

Some names of the files contains the word 'sex' that is blocked by the filter. Example?


Even if it sounds funny the situation is serious. Playing the game without latest patch is impossible. There are only two ways to solve it - contact your internet provider or try to download file on different computer vie other provider and then share the file in *.rar or *.zip format