Let’s Rock this Town!  Win GTA 5 and City Skylines with Team2g players!

One copy of GTA V, 2 copies of Cities Skylines and some cash to spend on Kinguin! Join Sirhcez and Uminokajiu from Team2g and win!

Expand the City!

In Cities Skylines you will not only build the city, but you will also control it, beginning with urban planning such as: road placement, taxation, public services and ending on: sustaining the city's budget, population, health or even the happiness of its inhabitants! Create your own metropolis and rule it like a King!

Explore the City!

In GTA V you will find everything that you were looking for: breathtaking visuals, a great, open world and  immersive gameplay with awesome missions. Long story short: This is pure entertainment!

We have also some cash for you: 2 times 20 $ are ready for spending!

All these good are presented by Team2g players:

Sirhcez is a League of Legend player known for his relaxing and chill streams, to make you comfortable he will even provide you with a free pillow with his pillow emote.

Follow him on his Twitch Channel

Uminokajiu is a very friendly and interactive streamer. Her main purpose is to create  a non- toxic community of League of legends fans! Check out her Twitch Channel, she will definitely make you smile!

Let’s Rock this Town! Win GTA 5 and City Skylines with Team2g players!

Giveaway will end on 14th of April, and winners will be announced on 15th of April.

To collect your price contact us on [email protected] within 7 days from announcing the winners. 

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