Let’s play a game! Up to €300 and great titles to win!

For him, the winter is never over. He’s a lone explorer, who’s afraid of nothing and ready for anything that comes his way. He’s fast, he’s bouncy and he’s hungry!

Yeah, Kinguin eats burgers!

Start the adventure and follow Kinguin on his winter trip across the uncharted, arctic land.

Help him survive his crazy journey full of traps and obstacles – grab gifts, collect hearts and eat as many burgers as you want!

This game is pure fun! It’s easy, runs on every computer and it’s perfect for long hours spent in the classroom or at the office. We guarantee you’ll reach for it every time you are bored!

Amazing prizes are waiting for the top 20 players!

Get into top 3 and grab one from the sets below:

1st place – 300€ + one of the following blockbusters: Call of Duty: Black ops III, Fallout 4, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, The Rise of The Tomb Raider;

2nd place– 150€ + one of the blockbusters

3th place – 75€ + one of the blockbusters

* you can pick any (but only one) title from the blockbusters list.

Cash to spend on Kinguin Marketplace is guaranteed:

From 4th place to 10th €20

from 11th to 20th place – €10 !

Ready? Start your trip now and catch some great prizes!