If you want peace, prepare for war - Julius Cesar

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, (and every one else that were not listed) Prepare for the First Ultimate Kinguin League of Legends Tournament!

We all were waiting for it and here it is! 8 epic teams, 46 participants from all around the world and only one chance to win. Let the Hunger Games begin!

The tournament will begin with quarter finals on February 21st 19:30 H (Portugese time) and will last for two days. You can watch the fights on Kinguin's Twitch Channel (link here).
Half-finals and Grand Finals will take place tomorrow (February 22nd) also, at 19:30. All phases are organized by playoffs.

Teams that qualified to the tournament (click to zoom in):

As you may have noticed, 4 teams have "Jokers" - players that can replace participants in case of emergency (you never know when diarrhea strikes:) ).

They will fight to the death (or to disconnection) to earn their right to receive awesome prizes - Top AAA games and epic Gaming T-shirts.

Transmission link

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