Kinguin goes cosplay!

As you know, Kinguin loves everything related to video games and geek culture. We also love cosplays which are the best examples of dedication and passion of gamers. Today we welcome our first cosplayer partner – Gabriela “Shermie” from Brazil

Shermie is considered among the best cosplayers coming from South America – she was listed as one of the 15 hottest cosplayers in 2014 by none other than Playboy: and they were completely right! Visit her Facebook and her Website and check it by yourself!

This is just the beginning – stay tuned for more awesome cosplayers joining with Kinguin.

If you want to know more about Shermie read the interview below:

1. Firstly – can you tell me a little about yourself? 

    • S: I am Shermie! A Brazilian cosplayer who loves to create things inspired by everything I love – Games, anime, comic books… 

2. At what point did you decide to get into cosplaying? 

    • S: When I was 15 years old, a friend of mine took me to a convention with tons of cosplayers and cool stuff. It was love at first sight! A whole new world where I could be myself and meet people like me. 

3. What was your first cosplay and what inspired you to make it? 

    • S: My first cosplay was Shermie from The King of Fighters! At the time I was really addicted to fighting games and Shermie was my favorite character! 

4.What is your favourite cosplay? 

    • S: It is hard to choose. I don't have a favorite, but Shermie was the first one, so it means a loooot to me. 

5. As a cosplayer you should also be a big gaming and anime fan. Can you tell us something about it? 

    • S: I love games, animes and comic books since I was a child. My brother and I couldn't go out much so most of our time we spent with theses things and it was great! Playing games and watching cartoons can teach lots of great things, like friendship, loyalty, love... I only have good memories and I'm a big fan of these media till today – the new ones and the old ones. 

6. What do you do when you are not cosplaying or making a cosplay? What do you do in your free time? 

    • S: I just finished college and now I'm studying super hard for some important exams to get a good job. Besides that, I have a super needy dog which needs tons of love and walks. Lately I'm playing some old school games like Megaman X, and I have tons of books to read. I looove reading. 

7. Have you ever regretted cosplaying? 

    • S: Never! I love everything about cosplay! 

8. Do you have a dream cosplay which you would like to do? 

    • S: I always dreamed about making a costume from Saint Seiya! And now it is coming true! 

9. Do you have one piece of advice that you would give to cosplay newbies? 

    • S: Do what you love and what makes you feel comfortable and happy! Do a lot of research, a loooooot! Go after your dreams, slowly if it is your first time. Don't be afraid to ask for some tips from other fellow cosplayers. Don't let others put you down and finally... Have fun! Cosplay is a magical world.