Kinguin For Charity Winter Edition 2015 - Round of 8 Summary

Round of eight turned out to be quite the treat for those who love Priest and Druid. Aggresion, Control, Midrange - you have seen them all; now we would like to invite you to see our point of view as our company could not believe how crushing and mind twisting some of the matches turned out to be.

They are the two best friends anyone has ever seen!

It is one thing to disregard Amaz’s proficiency at Priest; however it is completely next level to challenge it off the gate with an Anduin of your own. Neirea made all the right class and at times it felt more like a game of chess than just a mirror match-up. Amaz did not lose his cool, as his Handlock prowess came to the spotlight once again, additionally proving why he is best friends forever with a certain Firelord. Ultimately, it was Neirea to have the last word as he avoided death by incineration due to an overdose of fireballs to the face.

Coincidently, Knife Juggler is the pilot and coincidently you have Dr. Boom. What are the odds?

Druidilation! In all seriousness, it was quite astounding to see the sheer, unstoppable force of Firebat’s Druid. The young champion of Blizzcon 2014 lived up to his name once again and proved that sometimes it is impossible to stop an object that has been put in motion. It is also worth mentioning that Firebat has struck a secret pact with the brotherhood of Knife Jugglers. Those games definitely earned the title of one of the cleanest 3-0s we have seen during this year, as of yet!

YES! YES! YES! See Watcher, Kill Watcher. Don’t let it grow, it gets angry.

Stunning might be the right word; Floating Watcher is starting to set new standards in competitive Hearthstone. The combination of Demon/Hand/Zoo-lock is at the very least crazy and unpredictable. However it is Hunter that Kolento has to thank for this best of five, as the class that many professionals consider to be the strongest right now brought him back from a very dire situation. Best thing about all of this? We might get to see more of Kolento’s Warlock!

KNIVES, THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. Who said Hearthstone cannot give you a Hearthattack?!

Dear Lord, Massan’s reactions make him one of the most recognizable figures in the Hearthstone community. I have never seen a person freak out that badly over a few knife juggles, but it’s not an everyday thing to keep your one health Shade of Naxxramas alive after so many tests of fate. Stealth and invincibility are the words you are looking for, however TSM’s Massan pulse seemed to be raised, his pupils were dilated, his blood circulation started to go crazy. Who would have thought that a few knives could bring so many emotions to the surface, especially in a game of Hearthstone!