Kinguin for Charity Winter Edition 2015 - Final Summary

It is done, it is finished and there is just no denying that this best of seven was out of this world. Let's begin with stating the obvious fact - Firebat is a monster, well, but so is Kolento. Do you know what happens who two monsters clash? That's right - only one will remain victorious.

Mom used to tell me that I could become anything I want to… Mayor of Value Town has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Admittedly, Freeze Mage seems to be one of Hunter’s weak spots; however that is only the case when the latter has a less than average draw. What tends to be quite amazing is the fact that when their games are close, they also turn out to be a wicked, last turn, clutch win or lose situation depending on the final draw. It took Kolento some time to re-invent himself; people doubted him, blamed his performance on many factors. Sometimes, an Innovator needs time to recharge batteries and believe when they tell “I will be back stronger than before. If there was a possibility to hand out style points Kolento would have gotten a solid ten out of ten for beating one of the most aggressive players in the world in a dazzling 4-0 comeback on the back of a Hunter deck; now that is what you could call a quirk of fate, could you not?

To summarize the tournament from our perspective - it has been both a rough and an extremely exciting event. We are also deeply grateful for the co-operation and professionalism presented by the players. We would also like to thank all of our viewers for remaining patient and putting faith in our ability to carry the event to the end.
We would like to congratulate Kolento for his spectacular performance and well-deserved wins; his innovations have always set new standards, not only for competitive, but also casual Hearthstones. Results are obviously extremely important to a professional player of any kind, but it is heart-warming to see that they also those who need help the most; we are overjoyed to inform everyone that our two finalists have donated a total of $325 ($250 by Kolento and $75 by Firebat)!
We cannot forget about our top donators:
1. Merenwen with 110$
2. Kinguin with 100$
3. OGWilson 50$
In total we have collected almost 1300$!
We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your help - you have aided children from all over the world and we hope that your good deed will come back to all of you at least twofold!
Together, we upheld the integrity of e-sports and said no to DDoS attacks. Things like DDoSing are becoming a common thread during online tournaments; however rest assured, because we, as a company, are completely against such malicious behaviour and our goal is to provide the highest level of competitive integrity possible. Therefore we will put all the necessary efforts in order to protect our future events against such acts.
If you missed any of the games or if you would like to re-watch some of the most interesting decks in order to revise on the strategy before you go into Ranked Mode, you should visit our YouTube channel where you will find the playlist that will be uploaded with all the matches; you can find it below:
Click for the playlist with all VODs
Additionally, you can the decklists that were used over the course of the tournament below!
Click here for the article regarding decklists

Thank you for watching the Kinguin for Charity Winter Edition 2015, remember to visit our facebook page:  and we hope you enjoyed all the games as much as we did!