Kinguin For Charity Tournament is getting closer...

We are almost ready! Only few hours left until the tournament begins! It is high time to shed some light on what we prepared for this special weekend!

In few hours world's top Hearthstone players will begin a battle for the prize pool of $5,000. Kolento, TidesOfTime, Amaz, Kitkatz, Gaara – those are only few of the players who will be taking part in the Kinguin Charity Tournament. One of the spots will be taken by Arfdota – lucky winner of our charity auction! And his first match will be against... AMAZ!

YOU may be a star of this event as well! During the event everyone will be able to donate funds  that later will be sent to Child's Play foundation. the game industry charity and equally shared between 4 hospitals in Poland, Germany, United Kingdom and United States. We also prepared several auctions in which you will be able to win t-shirts, hats, hoodies with logos of Cloud9 and Fnatic and AWESOME gaming equipment signed by TSM players and Trick2g! You may donate HERE

And now is high time to show you our studio.... hope you like it!

Whole event will be streamed on our Twitch channel – stay tuned!

START: 12th of December 18:00 CET