Kinguin for Charity Spring Edition 2015 - tommorow, we dine in Hearthstone!

Our players have gathered and we couldn’t have wished for an even more outstanding line-up. Our participants are shining as bright as a starry sky at night. Over the course of the next three days, the top brawlers from top-tier teams like Nihilum, Archon Gaming, TempoStorm or Liquid will be competing for glory, prize money and most importantly – bragging rights.

With both Kolento and StrifeCro on board we can surely expect brand new, blazing hot decks and as far as entertainment goes – we have one of the most twisted deck creators like Amaz! Obviously, the line-up wouldn’t have been as stacked as it is without participants like Archon’s Firebat, Liquid’s Savjz and Nihilium’s RDU – every single of them has won a ton of major tournaments during their professional and shown their proficiency in Hearthstone at numerous occasions.

Check out the full list of participants below:
Nihilum: Lifecoach
Nihilum: Lothar
Nihilum: RDU
Nihilum: ThijsNL
Fnatic: Kaldi
Fnatic: Frezzar
TSM: Massan
Archon: Amaz
Archon: Firebat
Archon: Xixo
Liquid: Savjz
Liquid: Neirea
Cloud 9: Kolento
Cloud 9: StrifeCro

The Hearthstone community is, without a doubt, relieved about the fact that Hunters are starting to fall out of favor, however, most recently, the likes of Oil Rogue started to rise in power, in a tremendously stunning fashion, to top it off. If there is one deck that we should keep our eyes on it would definitely be the upper-mentioned equivalent of mass destruction and insane board clear; which, ironically, tend to usually be the very same thing in Hearthstone.
We will also be teaming up with Child’s Play in order to help the kids from all over the world and we would like to invite you to be a part of this! Our generous and talented players will be sharing a portion of their winnings as well and we are left assured that our beloved community of e-sports will not fall behind!

Do not miss the action, as the entire tournament will be streamed live on our Twitch channel and casted by our talented duo of Hearthstone experts – Monk and ThatsAdmirable!
Additionally, do not forget to check our website – for daily updates, analysis and recaps of all the craziness that is about to take place on the upcoming days!