Kinguin and Esports Observer Giveway

Esport is King! Long live the King!  

We believe there’s nothing better than healthy competition. CS:GO  Hearthstone, League of Legends, these are only a few of the games we are into. We sponsor and create our own tournaments and leagues! Like Operation Kinguin, the massive online CS:GO tournament, attended by 32 teams from all around the globe!

We can’t forget about the Kinguin Pro League, which was nominated at the prestige GosuAwards for the best Hearthstone production in 2015! And of course the Kinguin for Charity, where we collect funds to help the Child's Play Foundation!

How deep is your love?

Yes, we are deeply into esports, but not as deep as Esports Observer, an online center of all information related to electronic sports. Here, you’ll find latest news about teams, sponsors, games and events. You can take a close look at business, including statistics, reports, latest developments as well as entrepreneurial approaches and portraits about decision-makers and companies.  

“We identify and follow aspiring startups on their way to the top and publish advice of experienced esports veterans. We want to help our readers achieve success by giving them information to make better decisions and judgments. We are particularly proud of our esports database – a “yellow pages” of esports organizations around the globe.” – you can read it on their site."

Let’s celebrate! Win a €20 voucher!

Together we thought that competitive gaming is worth celebrating, and what is your favorite way to celebrate things? With a giveaway!

Grab one of 3 vouchers worth €20 each and spend it at – and since it’s one of the biggest marketplaces for digital games on the Internet, you will surely find something that suits your gaming needs! CS:GO skins perhaps? We have plenty!

How to join the giveaway? As usual it’s easy - use the app below to enter and follow Kinguin and Esports Observer on social media. The more you follow the bigger your chance to win!

Good luck and have fun! 

The contest starts on 08/04/16 and ends on 15/04/16 In order to receive your prize please contact us on [email protected] within 7 days from our announcment the winners on Kinguin facebook page.