The guide to Kingolds!

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Well at Kinguin we certainly do so we have a system in place to give a reward every time you buy something from the site to do with as you please.

Simply put Kingolds are gathered from buying games off of Kinguin. You get a 1 Euro discount for every 1000 Kingolds gathered. You get 10 Kingolds for every Euro spent so for example a 20 Euro game would net you 200 Kingolds. If you save up enough you can buy a game with just your Kingolds or just simply take a euro or two off of the price for the game you are buying, it is down to you how many Kingolds you spend on a purchase.


There are some other ways of earning some extra Kingolds these include a whole 100 Kingolds for registering through Facebook, 5 Kingolds for simply sharing links on Facebook, Google+, Pin it and Twitter. You can also earn from referring friends. You get a 10 Kingold reward for your friend registering and a whole 1000 when they first purchase a game. It is also possible to buy Kingolds if you so desire it’s a simple 1000 Kingolds for 1 Euro.


Earning Kingolds is effortless.


Kingolds are great for knocking off a Euro or two from the price of things, or if you are particularly patient a whole game for free! So make sure you rack them up and save yourself some money.