The Party is on!

Welcome to the party! ZOWIE, SkinJoker and Kinguin have decided to have some fun in each other’s company, and guess what? You are invited!


#ZOWIE #SkinJoker and #Kinguin are joining forces and throwing a #giveaway together! Win a #gamingchair or #CSGOitems!

Make yourself comfortable with ZOWIE!

Have a seat or maybe we should say have a gaming chair? Yeah, the unique ZOWIE By Benq gaming chair is one of the prizes in this competition. Believe us when we say that you won’t find this anywhere else.

ZOWIE is BENQ’s brand for its e-sports line, and it’s providing eSports athletes with a premium professional gaming product. These eSport devices focus on ergonomics, personalization and innovations that truly enhance player performance and enjoyment!

Have Fun with SkinJoker!
Besides Zowie there are two more awesome prizes to grab, one from SkinJoker and a second from Kinguin. Both are a real treat for CS:GO players:

1 x Random CS:GO PIN

1 x ★ Karambit | Damascus Steel (Minimal Wear)

SkinJoker is one of the newest and best raffle sites out there, allowing CS:GO players to take part in massive prize draws. It's neat, it's fast and it's intuitive to use!

So, come on in and join the giveaway, who knows maybe today is your lucky day?

ZOWIE eSports | | Giveaway

The giveaway starts on February 24th and ends on March 2nd. In order to recieve your prize please contact us on [email protected] within 7 days from announcing the winners.

Good Luck Guys!