Giveaway with Girls Gaming Network


It’s being said that gaming is male’s business. We all know that’s not true and we all know that there are tons of female gamers out there, fragging in FPSs, no-lifing in WoW and, obviously, dominating in Heroes of the Storm.

GGN or Girls Gaming Network is a ring of female streamers and aspiring pros, created to help them promote their channels, gather more viewers and subscribers and to prepare a good ground for sponsors, while maintaining a strong and positive light on women gamers.

Together with GGN we’ve prepared a special giveaway. Just follow our social media via the app and you will have a chance at winning one of three copies of Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward!

If you love Japanese RPGs and MMOs, then this is something just for you! Heavensward is the first in the line of expansions for an MMO version of the Final Fantasy universe – you can become a powerful hero and fulfill quests which will grant you experience, gold and valuable items. The expansion will bring you new areas, increase the level cap, and add all-new Primals. If you are into Japanese MMO, then you shouldn’t miss this one!

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Giveaway with GGN

Winners will be announced on July the 2nd

To collect your prize please contact us on [email protected] within 7 days!