Fnatic on Twitch!

Fnatic is now on Twitch!
500€ in total prizes!

Fnatic is officially on Twitch! To celebrate, we have 500€ up for grabs. Our Champions have some cash to spend on Kinguin for you!

The IEM 2015 World Champions of CS:GO, LCS 2015 Spring Split Finals Champions and  the winners of ESL One Spring Finals in Battlefield 4 decided to move back on Twitch.

This is a perfect occasion to celebrate! 

Enter the giveaway below, follow our Champs and win:

    • 1x 200€
    • 1x100€
    • 2x50€
    • 4x25€

Fnatic on Twitch!

And who provided those awesome goods? We did!

Kinguin is global marketplace, a solution for gamers from all around the world who want to find their beloved games at the best prices possible! We are actively operating on the e-sports market, working with the most successful players and biggest teams, bringing allthe best into the world of gaming.

The giveaway starts on 21st of April ends on 26th of April. Winners will be announced on 27th of April.

To collect your prize please contact us on [email protected] within 7 days from announcing the winners!